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Much to Love about Bar Harbor and Acadia

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Wow! We’ve been on the road over five weeks now and left Maine for our trek westward about a week ago. In the past week we’ve been to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, enjoyed a pleasant, relaxing evening on a farm in Vermont, took a ferry ride across Lake Champlain into New York, and are now in the Adirondacks. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Save those thoughts for a later date.

As you may have noticed we are woefully behind on sharing our activities online. I can attribute this to two items. First, we’re learning that even if a campground says it has WiFi, plan on it being sketchy. Connectivity is scarce on the road, especially in the mountains. Excuses aside, the real reason is the weather was perfect during our Bar Harbor visit. Those blues skies and cool temperatures were too alluring, and we weren’t about to miss an opportunity to enjoy them. It was difficult enough to give up time to do mundane tasks like the laundry. So putting together a video or prepping photos for upload took a backseat to sightseeing. Imagine that!!

Consequently, running into some damp weather in the Adirondacks isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and we’ll be posting our Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park video shortly. If this weather keeps up you’ll also get a Maine wrap up video with some of our side trips around Maine including a trip to the easternmost point of the US at the Quoddy Lighthouse, and the Boothbay footage we never shared.

Leaving Bar Harbor was almost like leaving a second home, in part because we had been there four years ago and knew the area already. It’s also similar to Saint Augustine in many ways –a tourist town with great shops, restaurants, and most importantly, a beautiful waterfront. What’s not to like? Certainly they both get crowded at times, but all the activity generally contributes to a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere.

What makes the Bar Harbor area special is the combination of gorgeous, clear, ocean water adjacent to rock cliffs, and mountains. Add in a national park like Acadia, with its hiking and biking trails, kayaking, beautiful long range views, a wide variety of sights and you have the perfect combination for leisure and activity. Oh, and did I mention lobsters? You’ve got lobster dinners, lobster rolls, lobster quesadillas, just about lobster everything. One of my favorites, surprisingly, was a lobster and goat cheese quesadilla at JM Gerrish in Winter Harbor. Now that I think about it, they had the best blueberry pie too! See why we have to hike so much!?!

Anyway, we had a wonderful extended stay in Bar Harbor, but the Rockies are calling, and there’s so much to see between Maine and Montana.

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