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Make the Best of Everyday

Over the past few years, “Make the Most of Everyday” has become our motto. Never has it been as apropos as right now, while living in this crazy new world of “social distancing”. From panic buying to school and restaurant closures, each new day results in another shock to our daily life. We all realize this will pass and “normalcy” will return, but it’s not knowing when or what we will have to go through to get there that causes anxiety.

I’m always reminding my friends that time is precious, so even during the chaotic, gut wrenching days and weeks ahead we choose to use enjoy every moment. Larry and I are focusing on the blessings we have here at home and in our wonderful community. Unfortunately, since we are practicing “social distancing”, our ability to get out in the community is fairly limited. Consequently, we realized now is the perfect time to tackle that list of overdue projects.

One such project was the Yellowstone video from our trip last year. Although we initially started making these videos to let friends and family know what we were up to while away from home (we obviously don’t always get them completed timely for that purpose), they’ve become to mean so much more to us. They are memory capsules; time machines that transport us back to incredible places. In addition, we’ve been told numerous times, they are inspiration for others. Creating this video, as well as the response we’ve already received, has been uplifting. Revisiting fabulous experiences on the road is re-energizing and only makes us more thankful for our many blessings.

Although it wasn’t our first visit to Yellowstone, this one made us extremely aware of it’s great diversity. Our first trip there in 1987 was a whirlwind visit of 3-4 days, and we only hit the iconic high spots. Last fall we had a full week, and it still really wasn’t enough. Waterfalls, geysers, wildlife, canyons, hot springs, unique geologic structures, meadows, rivers - the list continues. It’s all there. Add in fall colors, and it’s hard to beat. We only hope we get to return soon, to soak in more of Yellowstone’s grandeur.

Our Jasper to Jackson adventure exceeded our expectations, and made us hungry for more on-the-road exploration. We look forward to calmer times ahead. So turn off the news; elbow bump your loves ones; check off some of those to-do-list items; get outdoors (even if it’s in your own backyard); find your way to make the best of every day, and join us as we travel through Yellowstone National Park.

You can access the video on the “Video” tab above.

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