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We're Back!

It’s hard to believe 2023 has come and gone and we’re already well into 2024, but that’s the case. I’m not going to try to catch up since my last blog, instead we’re looking forward.  I will say the eight months in the interim involved a smidgen of travel, terrific family time, and RV preparations for our upcoming trip out west.

We still have two videos to post sharing our visit, last September, to the Outer Banks.  Going to the Outer Banks was a bucket list item, and it did not disappoint.  Sadly, sometimes you tend to overlook those places nearby.  Big mistake!  We thoroughly enjoyed the area from Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina to Hatteras and Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, and we look forward to sharing those experiences with you. We’ll definitely be returning to those unique and beautiful places.

Next, however, we are anxious to return to the Rockies.  Upcoming we’ll visit many of our favorites, calling this our Alberta to Zion Trip.  Did you catch it?  A to Z, and lots in between.  This year we’re staying longer than usual in each location, savoring every moment, soaking up the ambience, all the while giving thanks for the opportunity and ability to explore.  So stay tuned.  We hope to bring you some beautiful sights.

May your travel through 2024 be filled with moments worth savoring, exploration of new possibilities, enjoyment of all your favorites, comfort, peace, and joy! See you, on the road!

A sneak peak from our Outer Banks trip videos to come:

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