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Packing Again? Take Me to the Biltmore.

Believe it or not we are in the packing mode again! It's only been thirteen months since we sold our Jacksonville and NC homes and moved into our St. Augustine Beach rental. It feels like years when I think of everything that has occurred in those months, but when I put a box together to begin packing once more, it seems like days. Last spring we learned the lease on our current location wasn't going to be renewed, since the owners decided to sell the property. Consequently, it was decision making time again. In our younger days, we averaged a move about every eighteen months. In fact, I think our kids were shocked we stayed in our last home for seventeen years, because unfortunately we kept them on the move every few years. We knew we didn't want to start that moving trend again. We wanted a place to call home for the next seventeen years, and that's what we think we've found. (No we aren't becoming full-time RVers)

We've been through a lot of "just right" moments lately. In searching for our RV we seriously ran through every option from 36' 5th wheels and Class A's to the opposite end of the spectrum, truck campers. Last summer we were happy to confirm that our 25' Navion was "just right". Not too large or too small. Then, of course, we sold our four bedroom home, with a gorgeous yard that required a lot of loving care, and moved into a 1500 square foot rental. We needed to downsize, simplify, and declutter, and that move forced us to do it (although based on my packing there's still work to be done, and I have a box designated for the Salvation Army handy at all times). We think our new, three bedroom home with a small yard is going to be "just right" as our home base. Lastly, we love St. Augustine Beach and always wondered about living here but have found we stay on the road back to Jacksonville more than anticipated. I'm sure you've heard the term "halfbacks" for northeasterners who move to Florida only to move half way back to North Carolina or Virginia. Well, that's us, we're moving halfway back to Jacksonville and think the new location will be "just right" as well.

Preparing for this move did impact our decision in August to change our Maine to Montana adventure to a Maine to Michigan one. Heading home after such a great trip was bittersweet, so we wanted to make our last stop special. The Biltmore Estate immediately came to mind. It's one of our favorite places, definitely a happy place, and was "just right" for wrapping up our two months of travel. So as a nice diversion from packing, Larry took some time out to put together our Biltmore video. I'll say it again, pictures and video are a great way to revisit special times. Don't neglect to capture not only your special moments, but everyday ones too. Years, even decades, from now they will transport you back in time and rekindle memories long lost. We've been to the Biltmore several times and putting this video together fondly reminded us of all those visits. Check out our trip on the Video tab or go to LarryandBarbi on YouTube. It was our first summer visit and we were fascinated with the Chihuly glass exhibit in the gardens. A trip to the Biltmore Estate, at any time, is definitely bucket list worthy.

Needless to say we are off the road, with the exception of short, nearby destinations, for awhile. Planning, however, is underway for our

Rockies trip next summer and fall. In the meantime, we still have video to review, and I'll try not to monopolize Larry's time with new home projects, so he can get some of it put together to share.

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day and we thank all those that have served and are currently serving our country. With that in mind, there's nothing like a Blue Angels' flyover. God Bless!

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