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Out with 2020 - In with 2021

And just like that another year is gone. Some will say good riddance to 2020! After all, for most it was filled with misery, disappointment, tragedy and hardship. It’s a year our children and grand children will describe to their grandchildren. All that being said, however, we have some good memories from 2020, and I’ll cling to those, because these years are passing by way too fast to totally dismiss an entire one.

Although 2020 wasn’t filled with the epic travel and celebrations we planned, we still created lasting memories. My mom, who lived through the Depression, used to remind us that the bleak, black and white photos of the era didn’t tell the whole story. As one of four children, being raised by a widowed mother, times were difficult, but she’d say we still had blue skies, green grass, and each other. It wasn’t a black and white world. There was color in their lives. I don’t want to remember 2020 as a bleak, black and white picture. We had color in our lives this past year. There was the sidewalk serenade for Larry’s stay at home birthday in April; home improvement projects we’ll enjoy for years that wouldn’t have been accomplished had we been traveling; more time for gardening, reading, and playing gin rummy on the newly screened back porch; a quiet, but relaxing and enjoyable, 50th anniversary getaway in St. Augustine, where we initially honeymooned; eventually, family visits, gatherings and activities (the best memories of all); gorgeous sunsets; beach walks; a beautiful fall excursion to GA and NC; and joyful, holiday celebrations. So let’s not disparage 2020 too much. I feel confident we made the best of a difficult year, and hope everyone can say they had some color in their lives in 2020.

We look to 2021 with anticipation, planning new adventures with the hopes we’ll get back on the road, travelling to new destinations and revisiting old favorites. Whatever this New Year brings, however, we will make the best of everyday and continue to appreciate and seek out colorful moments.

May 2021 bless us all with love, joy, good health, good times, peace, and prosperity.

Happy New Year!!!

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